About Us

Surface Tech is a global leader in additive technologies for the asphalt and concrete industries.


Innovation + Education

Surface Tech is committed to providing the best means to meet plants’ critical path conformity with its industries served. This certification series is to provide cutting-edge, online training for certification and subsequent referencing purposes for all its precision dosing equipment. Another good example of stewardship through proper and thorough training access for best critical path assurance at plant sites.

Proper equipment know-how insures proper dosing and this leads to peace of mind with ST-customers at all levels.

Meet Our Instructors

Surface Tech's team of instructors is here to insure ......

Kellen Costantino

Kellen is Surface Tech’s primary QC go-to. He delivers a high-level customer experience primarily at the plant site, playing a key role in training customers with precision dosing equipment.

David Hughes

David brings more than 25 years of experience in construction sales and management across Canada, including 18 years in ready-mix sales and operations.

Michael J. Simons

Michael applies his extensive background in design, construction and promotion of geosynthetic systems across Canada to provide improved and innovative solutions for pavement challenges.

Mike Scardina

Mike excels in helping customers employ a life-cycle approach to their pavement designs, especially in terms of technical performance, environmental concerns, energy effectiveness and costs.

Alex Snell

Alex assists in Quality Assurance and training on the various applications of Surface Tech’s ACE Polymer Fiber™ product.